Pressure Cooker Arroz con Pollo

Pressure Cooker Arroz con Pollo

Pressure Cooker Arroz con Pollo

6 lb. whole chicken
6 cups water
4 tsp. Adobo seasoning
1 tsp. black pepper
1 medium yellow onion peeled, quartered
And so on.

  • Step number one. Place whole chicken in Instant Pot breast side up. Then add water, Adobo, and black pepper. Lock lid, close vent, and set manual timer for 30 minutes on high pressure.
  • Step two, Meanwhile - Place onions is food processor (with blade attachment) and pulse a few times, until coarsely chopped. Add tomatoes, red bell pepper, cilantro, garlic, and capers to food processor and pulse just until fully combined. (Should make about 2 cups.)
  • Step three, Once cook time is complete, allow pressure to release naturally (will take about 30 minutes). Then remove chicken from pot to a separate bowl. Be careful because it might be falling apart, which is good!
  • Complete Instructions:

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